Jobsgaar is World’s first district-level hyperlocal job or workforce discovery chatbot integrated into WhatsApp. We help local SMB/MSME & thousands of uncategorised business to find local talent without filtering profiles. On the other hand, we empower job seekers to find hyperlocal jobs without searching or browsing.

The workforce in India have always been in search of a better 'place' to work. As per the Economic Survey of India 2016-17, there are over a 100 million migrant workers in India which move outside their district of birth for work opportunities—be it employment or business. The numbers indicate the migration trends from villages to the large city centres & surpassing their own birth districts, driven by necessity and aspirations.

Jobsgaar connects employers with employees at the source location, enabling workforce to find district level jobs. We do it via using technology in the simplest form possible. We enable employers to post their district level workforce requirements without any hustle. On the other hand, employees can explore local opportunities and connect with employers without indulging in any complex hiring processes.

Our roots are in the design aesthetics, and we take pride in building practical technology with neat user interface and a smooth user experience.

Our Vision

Connect workforce to 100 million #walktowork jobs in 'भारत'.